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“Adventures in Cake Craft” cookbook by Ann Pillsury. Published by Pillsbury Mills, Inc. in 1948, the cook booklet is a soft cover measuring 6 x 9 inches with 40 pages. It is in good gently used condition with some wear / creases to the covers, the pages are clean and unmarked except for some light stains on the title page.


Do you love searching for old recipes … the kind that end with your proudly serving a luscious, ever-so-light cake made with your own hands? Then you’re certain to like this collection of Quick-Mix recipes from Ann Pillsbury’s Kitchen, for each one promises a bright, new adventure in cake craft. Like Betty Crocker, Ann Pillsbury didn’t really exist, but was instead a marketing figure dreamed up by the folks at Pillsbury Mills. But no matter: even if she wasn’t real, the cakes attributed to her in this sweet booklet were, and they look amazing! There are 23 cake recipes in this booklet, each with its own frosting, and most with a full-color photo. And because this booklet was originally designed to help sell flour, there are plenty of reminders about using Pillsbury Sno Sheen Cake Flour. Don’t let this throw you though, you can adapt the recipes by using either another cake flour or even regular flour. The “Quick-Mix” refers to the shortening, apparently there was a “Quick-Mix shortening?” Assumedly this to can be adapted by using another shortening such as Crisco. An interesting aspect in the recipe directions is the lack of any electric appliance. The directions for creaming are to be done by hand, with how many strokes per minute specified. I wonder if cooks actually counted the strokes in their heads???

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