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“Gulf Coast Fish ~ A Cookbook” by Roy F. Guste, Jr. Published by W. W. Norton & Company, in 1997, this is a first edition, first printing. The cookbook is a hard cover with a dust jacket measuring 6 x 9 inches with 412 pages; it has a price of $35.00 printed on the interior flap of the the dust jacket. It is in excellent gently used condition with damage to the dust jacket by the top of the spine, the pages are clean and unmarked, a couple of the pages have been folded over at the corner.


Some of the world’s most delicious and exotic fish – black grouper, rainbow runner, tripletail, red drum, Atlantic moonfish, king mackerel, blue marlin, southern stingray, largetooth sawfish, and blacktip shark, to name a few – inhabit the waters from Texas to Florida along America’s Gulf Coast. Exotic as these fish seem, they are accessible in grocery stores and fish markets throughout the country. Noted chef and cookbook author Roy F. Guste, Jr. offers here recipes for cooking the 73 different varieties of Gulf Coast fish, drawing on the cuisines unique to the area, from Tex-Mex to Creole. Guste gives advice on every step of fish preparation, from determining if a fish is fresh (even if it’s frozen) to scaling, drawing, filleting, and even storing. The recipes also provide a list of other Gulf Coast fish to try as well as suggestions for creating recipes of your own. Each fish is illustrated with a gorgeous watercolor accompanied by a chart listing its common names, Latin name, maximum size, common cuts, meat characteristics such as texture and oil content, and the best cooking methods for that fish. A sauce guide and a thorough cross reference of other recipes to try for each fish are also given.

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