The Old Lady’s Attic ~ filled with treasures, past and present!!

I have been in love with old things since I was a little girl. Even at age 9 or 10, I would spend days in my Grandma’s back room in her New York City apartment, going through her hoard of stashed away items. Old Life and Look magazines, Reader’s Digest, family postcards and photos, all of it fascinating to me and I would lose myself for hours amidst the nostalgia. Marrying young and having a very limited budget, I started going to garage and yard sales long before they had any cachet and have never stopped. I still can’t wait for morning to arrive on garage sale days!! Auction box lots, estate sale jumbles, – what could be more fun than the anticipation of diving into a box of unknowns!?! I bring to you, my wonderful customers, a varied assortment of the treasures I find here in sunny Florida, land of oranges, Mickey Mouse and retirees!

Bringing you a diverse selection from the past and the present…

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