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“The Candy Cookbook” subtitled “250 Ways to Make Candy.” Published by the Culinary Arts Institute in 1952, the booklet is a soft cover measuring 6 x 8¾ inches with 48 pages. It is in good condition with slight wear to the covers, the pages are all clean and unmarked.


Until the beginning of the nineteenth century, the art of making sweetmeats was practiced chiefly by physicians and apothecaries who used sugar and honey to conceal the taste of their medicines. In earlier civilizations sugar was unknown, but sweets were supplied from natural sources such as honey and the sweet saps of trees and canes. Ability in the art of candy making is an excellent aid to popularity. The hostess who serves a variety of homemade candies when she entertains is admired for her ingenuity. Homemade candies, attractively boxed, make inexpensive and desirable gifts, and often a skilled candy maker may turn her interest into a source of revenue by creating a commercial demand for her confections. Candy making is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating forms of cooking. This book brings a fund of detailed information that will enrich the repertory of the homemaker.

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