9 Holland Netherlands Antique Photos Dog Drawn Wagon Dutch Bonnets Bicycles circa 1920s 1930s


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Nine antique photos that were taken during a trip to Holland. The photo album they were in contained photos of what appears to be a transatlantic crossing on a ship, as well as photos of Brussels and London, there are old cars and trucks in some of the other photos, so I am guessing that these date from circa 1920’s – 1930’s. The nine photos included in this listing are all of Holland, I am thinking they are of Amsterdam. These are fabulous. Some include a woman in native clothing including a large dutch bonnet hat with two large baskets hanging from a yoke across her shoulders. Another photo is a peddler’s type wagon being pulled by a dog. The wagon is marked: “J H Jobse … No 148 Middleburg.” Each photo measures 2¾ x 4½ inches.

The photos are in very good condition. There are what look to be water spots on the photos – but they aren’t there. They are an effect that I put on when I scanned the photos, to avoid unauthorized duplication. The photos will NOT have the water droplets when you receive them.

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