A Comstock Year Full of Special Event Treats Non Pie Filling Recipes Cookbook Booklet


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“A Comstock Year Full of Special Event Treats” subtitled “Non Pie Filling Recipes Cookbook.” Published by Borden in the 1970’s, the booklet is a soft cover measuring 5½ x 8 inches with 25 pages. It is in very good condition, the pages are all clean and unmarked.


All over America, customers are inventing new ways to use Comstock pie fillings, both inside and outside the crust. At Comstock they’ve known all along they make marvelous pie fillings (they’ve got several persnickety ladies who make sure of that). But they’re simply amazed at the inventive recipes so many have come up with by omitting the crust! Over the years, they’ve received and developed hundreds of tasty recipes. Each recipe is carefully reviewed, then the best are kitchen tested by their persnickety ladies. They have selected the most delicious of all the recipes for this little cookbook. You may see your name in print, they have given credit to anyone whose recipe was used in the cookbook. Here’s a whole year full of tasty treats to make any day seem like a holiday!

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