Astrology And Reincarnation by Manly P. Hall 1960


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“Astrology And Reincarnation” by Manly P. Hall. Published by The Philosophical Research Society, Inc. in 1960, this is a later printing. The book is a soft cover measuring 4¼ x 6 inches with 48 pages. It is in good gently used condition with wear / stains to the covers, flipping through quickly, the pages appear clean and unmarked except for an address label pasted on the title page.


A description of Karma as experienced by each individual astrological sign; includes Vedic and Tibetan methods for evaluating past and future lives from the birth chart. Many prominent minds of the past have accepted both reincarnation and astrology, and it is only natural that the two beliefs have much in common. If we have lived before, it would be interesting to discover, if possible, the place, time, and circumstances of a previous embodiment. The question arises: Would it be possible astrologically to prove beyond a shadow of doubt that reincarnation is an actual fact? Could a chart be set up at the time of death which would be the birth chart of the entity entering the spiritual world, and would it be possible for such a chart to reveal the condition of that entity in the after-death state as well as the time and place of its rebirth on the physical plane? Would it also be conceivable that a birth chart of the present life could provide some clue to the previous incarnation? Questions are explored in this book.

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