Good Food From Sweden Including the Smorgasbord by Inga Norberg Cookbook Vintage 1941


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“Good Food From Sweden” cookbook subtitled “Including the Smorgasbord (Cold Cut Buffet)” by Inga Norvberg. Published by M. Barrows and Company in 1941, the cookbook is a hard cover measuring 5½ x 8¼ inches with 186 pages. It is in fair used condition with a lot of wear to the covers (the binding is still tight), flipping through the pages appear clean and unmarked though they have darkened some.


The recipes in this book will prove to you that the Swedish housewife is a culinary artist who knows how to turn an inexpensive and simple item on the menu into an appetizing dish by just a few deft touches. She also bears in mind the stimulating effect of a varied menu, as a welcome change from everyday fare. Being also both clever and economical, she realizes the nutritive value of eggs, cream and butter, and would never in her cooking stint an extra egg or pint of cream, knowing that she will get far more real food-value out of those ingredients than out of an equally expensive slice of meat, not to speak of the appetizing effect they will have on an otherwise un-interesting dish. The Swedish housewife also has a flair for turning to good account the cheaper cuts of meat, which are generally looked down on by the American cook for the simple reason that they have not learnt how to transform them into nourishing and tasty dishes. An example of this is minced meat. Not the kind you buy ready-made, nor the remains of the Sunday roast, having passed through the usual Monday morning rites. The Swedish minced meat arrives from the butcher in its original state, be it good stewing beef, best forequarter veal, or pork, and the mincing process takes place in her own kitchen. This to ensure that there is no violation of what might be looked upon as the Swedish golden rule – only the best, meaning superior and unimpaired raw materials, is good enough. In the Swedish kitchen imagination, ingenuity and a sense of color are of paramount importance.

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