New Sweaters Chadwick’s Red Heart 1941 Knitting Book 171 Pattern Instructions


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“New Sweaters Chadwick’s Red Heart ~ Book 171” this is an instruction and pattern book for knit sweaters. Published in 1941 by The Spool Cotton Company, New York, New York, the booklet measures 7¾ x 10¾ inches with 23 pages. It is in good condition with slight wear to the covers.


Knit several sweaters from this irresistible collection that varies from the newest fashion just appearing on the horizon to your best-loved perennial classics. Give them as gifts too, and cinch your reputation as a thoughtful giver. The patterns in ladies sizes include: Top Notch (Classic Pullover with Plunging Neckline), Border Patrol (Jerkin in Mexicana), Station Wagon (Side-buttoned Jerkin in Cable Stitch), Striped Sweater (Round Neck Striped Mexicana), Classic Skirt, Rough Stuff (Chunky), Fancy Free (Tailored Blouse in textured stitch), Certified Check (Check Front Cardigan in two colors), Campus Major (Classic Cardigan), Manhattan (Crocheted Blouse in three tones of color), Charleston (Knitted suit blouse in a honeycomb stitch), Lady Fair (Cardigan), Peasant Pretty (peasant blouse), Shoulderette (bed jacket), and Mexican Magic (Mexicana colored wool and moss stitch).

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