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“Southern Living Comfort Food” cookbook subtitled “A Delicious Trip Down Memory Lane.” Published by Oxmoor House in 2009, this is a fourth printing from 2012. The book is a soft cover measuring 7½ x 9 inches with 288 pages; the price of $19.95 is printed on the back cover. The cookbook is in good gently used condition.


From the Southern Living family comes this keepsake cookbook steeped in classic comfort food and warm reflections sure to strike a familiar chord. Southern Living Comfort Food features more than 150 wholesome dishes–the kinds of recipes that are shared at supper clubs, passed down through generations of families, and swapped over coffee. Recipes like Banana Pudding Pie, Poppy Seed-Chicken Casserole, and BLT Potato Salad are presented alongside poignant essays that stir memories of family, friends, and the whimsies of childhood. Full of simple and satisfying dishes like Chicken Pot Pie and Pan-Fried Pork Chops, Southern Living Comfort Food is for young and old alike. Its food for the soul. It’s a tribute to family traditions. “I watch her do it every year. Mom leafs through files, shuffles through kitchen drawers, and finally emerges victorious with a handful of old, dog-eared recipes for the dishes our family always expects on the table every Thanksgiving and Christmas. This disorganization isn’t a sign of an untidy housekeeper; like every good Southern cook, she’s showing respect for family history.” -Dana Adkins Campbell 1963-2003

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