The Planetary and Lunar Nodes by Dane Rudhyar 1971 Orbital Astrology Cycles


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“The Planetary and Lunar Nodes” by Dane Rudhyar. Published by CSA Press in 1971, the book is a soft cover measuring 5¼ x 8 inches with 156 pages. It is in good gently used condition with some wear / sunning to the covers, flipping through quickly, the pages appear clean and unmarked except for a store label pasted on the title page.


From the book: Because the planetary nodes refer to the point at which a planet’s orbit intersects the ecliptic, and since the ecliptic is the apparent path of the Sun’s movement from the perspective of the Earth, they symbolize a critical factor in the meaning of the planet as it impacts the nature of life on Earth. This intersection and the nodes it produces symbolize the fundamental relationship between a planet and the Earth considered as two components in the solar system. The relationship has significance in terms of this solar system as a vast cosmic field of dynamic existence. When applied to the chart of an individual human being it should be evident that what this relationship — and therefore the planetary north and south nodes — mean in that chart should be referred to the most basic factors in that individual person, i.e., factors that are inherent in the essential destiny of the individual. They are factors which reach deeper than the natural bio-psychic functions which planets normally represent in a birth-chart — just because the planet as a moving small disc of light in the sky is something that the personal consciousness can normally perceive while the entire orbit of that planet is a cosmic fact which transcends sense-perception.

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