The Spiral of Life Vol III Psychological Interpretation by Jinni & Joanne 1974 1st Edition Astrology Birth Charts


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“The Spiral of Life” subtitled “Volume III – Psychological Interpretation” by Virginia Ewbank (Jinni) and Joanne Wickenburg (Joanne.) Self published in 1974, this is a first edition. The book is a soft cover measuring 6¾ x 8¼ inches with 160 pages, it is in very good gently used condition. There is an address label pasted on the inside of the front cover, flipping through quickly, the pages appear clean and unmarked.


The Spiral of Life weaves together the details of the birth chart so that readers become both more proficient at interpretation and also more deeply aware of their own personal talents and challenges. In clear, practical language, the authors provide new perspectives on the interlocking meanings of the signs, houses and planets, as well as more advanced astrological concepts. In particular, they examine the interrelationships of the planets, using such important but often neglected methods phase relationships, house rulerships, dispositors, minor aspects, the Arabian Parts. The authors show that relationships exist between planets in a chart whether or not they are linked by a specific aspect. And the meaning of every aspect is illuminated by setting it in the context of the successive phases that unfold within any complete cycle. Teaching practical methods for synthesizing the birth chart, an Outline for Interpretation gives a step-by-step approach to analyzing and summarizing the details of the birth chart.

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