500 Delicious Dishes From Leftovers Recipes Culinary Arts Institute 1940 Cookbook Booklet


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“500 Delicious Dishes From Leftovers” cookbook subtitled “Get The Most From the Food You Buy.” Published by the Culinary Arts Institute in 1940, the booklet is a soft cover measuring 6 x 8¾ inches with 48 pages. It is in good condition with some wear / small tears to the covers, the pages are all clean and unmarked.


This book will show how to use everything, throw away nothing, and give you good, tasty, wholesome meals. Rare indeed is the day when a modern housewife could not find in her refrigerator all sorts of odds and ends in the way of food. And it is these leftovers that challenge the imagination of the alert homemaker. She has learned the importance of their utilization for food value as well as economy. She knows for instance, that the liquids from cooked or canned vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals; and so they go into cocktails of soups instead of down the sink. She has become aware of the value of saving everything from pea pods to grapefruit and melon rinds and preparing and presenting them at the table with eye and appetite appeal.

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