Mr. Boston Official Bartender’s Guide 50th Anniversary 1935 1984 Hardcover


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“Mr. Boston Official Bartender’s Guide” subtitled “The All-New 50th Anniversary Edition.” Published by Warner Books in 1984, the book is a hard cover measuring 4¼ x 7½ inches with 271 pages. Pretty much looks brand new, doesn’t look like it’s been used at all.


What is interesting about the bartender guides from Mr. Boston is that you can pinpoint what was in fashion any given time period as the editions were frequently reprinted and revised; so there is an ability to pinpoint beverage history and to revise and revamp recipes not in a current issue and promote them as retro cocktails. It was rare to find a bartender who did not own a copy of this guide to help him or her accurately mix cocktails and to use as a reference in case an unfamiliar cocktail was called for. There is a Special Section which is a reference on the proper way to mix the drinks, bar hints and measurements, glassware, how to chill a glass, how to frost a glass, ice, sugar, when to stir, when to shake, using a strainer, pouring, how to float cordials, how to flame liquor, using eggs, using fruit juices and fruit, using bitters, peel twists, vermouth, a liquor dictionary and so much more.

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