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“Pie Iron Recipes” cookbook subtitled “Pie Iron Cooking Is A Family Tradition” by Richard O’Russa. Originally published by Rome Industries, Inc. in 1999, this is a revised edition from 2014. The cookbook is a soft cover measuring 5½ x 8½ inches with 64 pages. It is in excellent gently used condition, the pages are clean and unmarked – it doesn’t appear to have been used very much.


Campfire cooking is a joy because it doesn’t have to be complicated. The hobos of yesterday cooked simple meals over fires with a sturdy hinged cooking tool called a Pie Iron. With a filling of your choice and some type of bread to hold it together, you can create many culinary concoctions with this campfire cooking implement. When you need a little inspiration, “Pie Iron Recipes” will liven up your repertoire. Forget the usual pie iron recipes of cherry pie filling and grilled cheese sandwiches, these creative campfire cooking recipes are easy to do in the great outdoors, with all makes and models from round and square to double covered. From homemade Tuna Burgers to Cuban Sandwiches, if you can fit it between two slices of bread, the recipe is in this book. Beyond just sandwiches and pies, enjoy the incredible versatility of Pie Iron cooking with unique recipes such as Falafel, Chili Pie on Toast, Beer Chicken Sandwich and Pesto Calzones.

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