Pillsbury The Complete Book of Baking Hardcover 1st Edition 1st Printing 1993


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“Pillsbury ~ The Complete Book of Baking” cookbook. Published by The Pillsbury Company / Viking in 1993, the cookbook is a hard cover measuring 8 x 10¼ inches with 512 pages. It is in very excellent gently used condition, it appears to be brand new.


This is THE baking book. Pillsbury has assembled hundreds of delicious recipes in one comprehensive book that any home baker, whether novice or expert, can enjoy and use with confidence. A baking basics chapter gives all the information you need to know on ingredients and techniques. And each recipe has been tested by the trusted Pillsbury test kitchens, so you can be assured it will work every time – even in special conditions, such as high altitude. Where appropriate, microwave and food processor directions are provided, too. Each recipe gives the nutritional content per serving, including calories, protein carbohydrate, fat, and sodium. Pillsbury also provides suggestions for reducing the amount of fat and calories in baked goods without compromising the flavor. The Complete Book of Baking is full of beautiful color photographs, helpful line drawings, and informative sidebars so families can enjoy the best of Pillsbury’s baking secrets right in their own kitchens. Whether you are a new baker or a seasoned baker you will find plenty to bake in this Complete Book of Baking. From basics to more detailed recipes it has it all- cookies, cakes, pies, breads and everything in between. The recipes are clear and easy-to-follow and in addition to classics it includes many Bake-Off winning recipes.

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