Pillsbury’s Best 12th Bake Off Cookbook 100 Prize Winning Grand National Recipes


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“Pillsbury’s Best 12th Grand National Bake-Off Cookbook” subtitled “100 Prize Winning Recipes.” Published by Pillsbury Mills, Inc., the cookbook is a soft cover (with 5 hole punches to store in a binder) measuring 6 x 9¼ inches with 96 pages. The cook booklet is in excellent used condition, the pages are clean and unmarked.


Held in the Nation’s Capitol, the 12th Pillsbury Bake Off awarded the $25,000 grand prize to Mrs. Leona Schnuelle’s Dilly Casserole Bread. Mrs. Leona Schnuelle is the only Pillsbury Bake-Off Grand Prize winner who was presented her winning check for $25,000 by the the Treasurer of the United States. Since this contest was held in Washington, D.C., it made sense to have the official signer of our nation’s currency hand over the check! Leona, a Nebraska farmer’s wife, experimented with an old family recipe until she perfected her “Dilly Casserole Bread.” After eight hours of sampling, the judges of this contest thought dilly bread would be “an ideal bread to serve at barbecues and luncheons,” and liked that it required no kneading and was baked in a casserole dish. As one judge remarked, “Any dish with casserole in the title these days is a shoo-in.” There was only one man in this Bake-Off contest, U.S Navy Chief Petty Officer Ramon Cabalona, who was the chief steward aboard the submarine U.S.S. Catfish. He won $1,000 for his orange cream pie topped with a meringue- called, aptly, “Sub-Meringue Pie.” It was also rumored that Ramon had the neatest and cleanest work area at the Bake-Off, no doubt because of his experience in a submarine galley kitchen!
Here are the other prize winners of this Bake-Off:
-Senior Best of Class winner “Sweet Surprise Rolls” by Mrs. John LaGrand Solomon of Long Beach, California
-Senior Third Prize winner “Clover Cheese Rolls” by Hazel Westbrook of Tiburon, California
-Junior Second Prize winner “Pick-Up-Sticks” by Marilyn Fletcher of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
-Junior First Prize winner “Polynesian Tuna Bake” by Karan Sprengle of Pomona, California
-Second Grand Prize winner “Chocolate Macaroon Cake” by Frances Roek of East Detroit, Michigan
-Senior Best of Class winner “Toasted Butter Pecan Cake” by Bertha Campbell of San Benito, Texas
-Junior Third Prize winner “Peanut Buttercups” by Lillian Kroupa of Cedar, Michigan
-Senior Second Prize winner “Bake-Off Date Torte” by Lillian Schlueter of St. Louis, Missouri
-Senior Best of Class winner “Checker Bars” by Geraldine Goleman of San Antonio, Texas
-Senior First Prize winner “Angel Cheese Cake Pie” by Vera Massie of Springfield, Ohio
-Senior Best of Class winner “Sub-Meringue Pie” by Ramon Cabalona of San Francisco, California Such a great piece of history and full of delicious recipes, twelfth in a series that continues today!

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