Pillsbury’s Fun Filled Butter Cookie Cookbook Volume I Vintage Mid Century Recipes 1957


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“Pillsbury’s Fun Filled Butter Cookie Cookbook” subtitled “50 Recipes from Ann Pillsbury’s Recipe Exchange Including Grand National Prize Winners.” Published by Pillsbury Mills, Inc., I am guessing it was about 1957 as the newest Bake-Off recipe in the cook book is from the 7th contest which was held in 1956. The cook booklet is a soft cover measuring 5 x 8¼ inches with 48 pages. It is in very good gently used condition with moderate wear to the covers, the pages are clean and unmarked except for one recipe that is marked “very good.”


The introduction to this little treasure is a bit out-dated, reflecting the June Cleaver mind-set of the times: ” Of all the things WE WOMEN bake (just wow!), cookies are the most fun. That’s crazy to read now!! Here is the first volume of Pillsbury’s Butter Cookie Cookbook, filled with fifty recipes in all the popular types … including drop, rolled, bar, pressed and refrigerator cookies. Some of the recipes are from Pillsbury, and some are winning recipes from Pillsbury Bake-Off contests, going up to the 7th contest. So go on a cookie-baking spree …even if you are a guy! What’s not to love? … every page of cookies looks more yummy than the page before!!!

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