Pillsbury 28th America’s Bake Off Cookbook 100 Prize Winning Recipes 1978


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“America’s Bake Off ~ Pillsbury” cookbook subtitled “100 Prize Winning Recipes from Bake Off 28.” Published by The Pillsbury Company in 1978, the cookbook is a soft cover measuring 5½ x 9 inches with 96 pages. The cook booklet is in excellent gently used condition, the pages are clean and unmarked.


The 28th Pillsbury Bake Off was held in New Orleans. Lots of changes were afoot! This was the last year for the awarding of two Grand Prize winners. And the contest was changed from an annual contest to one that occurred every other year. Another big change in the contest was the limiting of finalists to appearing in only three contests – some had been finalists in as many as eight years! The year’s grand prize accolades were awarded to Esther Tomich’s Nutty Graham Picnic Cake as well as Linda Mowery’s Chick-&-Broccoli Pot Pies. A fantastic addition for cookbook collector or foodie!! Such a great piece of history and full of delicious recipes, twenty-eighth in a series that continues today!

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